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About us

Hearty attention and true respect, reliability and rectitude, honesty and efficiency, joy and satisfaction with common creative work, trust and help for each other, work accomplished in time and in high quality – all this is our primary values.


JSC „Engineering system solutions“ is not just a company of experienced specialists, it‘s a team, that meets everyday to do the job they love, trying to accomplish rised goals, valuing each other and reaching the best result in all ways.


Company, founded in 2013 January, has brought together strong motivated and highly qualified team, that includes certified project managers and supervisors, engineers and designers. Our company JSC „ESS projektai“, that does all the installation work, has more than 110 qualified ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and water suply employees.


Our great knowledge, quality of the work and many years of specialists experience let us get between the biggest and most honorable companies in this sector.


We are ready to accomplish all your requests in time and with high quality.


Engineering systems design

Our certificated specialists does design work of all engineering systems of various purpose buildings. We prepare technical and working projects for the folowing engineering systems.

Engineering systems installation

According to comfirmed project our qualified team of ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and water suply employees, led by certified project managers and supervisors, accomplish all the engineering systems instalation work.

Works and equipment installed by JSC Engineering system solutions and her subsidiary company JSC „ESS projektai“ are provided with guarantees, so in case of an unexpected failure, skilled masters are always ready to quickly fix the faults and to consult on the operation of equipment.

Special construction work areas

Ventilation, smoke ventilation

Heating, heat supply

Cooling, air conditioning

Water-supply and sewage disposal

Fire water-supply, automatic fire extinguishing

Compressed air

Automation and building management systems (BMS)

And other engineering systems


We are sincerely waiting for curriculum vitae from young, ambicious, curious, engineering loving people.

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Company info

UAB „Engineering system solutions“

Ateities str. 25B, LT-06326 Vilnius

Tel./Fax. +370 5 2060303

Email info@ess.lt

Accountant Email buhalterija@ess.lt

Registration code 302986395

VAT number LT100007478013

Account no. LT44 7044 0600 0787 5027


UAB „ESS projektai“

Ateities str. 25B, LT-06326 Vilnius

Tel./Fax +370 5 2060303

Email info@ess.lt

Accountant Email buhalterija@ess.lt

Registration code 303262847

VAT number LT100008597819

Account no. LT84 7044 0600 0794 8609


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